Orgo understands the unique needs of reps and manufacturers because we used to be reps. The CRM solutions we looked at didn’t cut it, so we created a useable program for sales organizations on the go. And we call it Orgo Sales Engine!

Orgo is the software you have always wanted! No need for customization, short of populating your factories. Tracking sales from multiple manufacturers and reconciling commissions is easy. Reporting tools show what you have sold and what is in process. Communicating with your team, factories and customers is intuitive and quick. 

And it is affordable! 

As a rep, your job is to sell. Yet there is so much more to it. Reps and manufacturers send information back and forth at a dizzying rate. Via different platforms. Orgo Sales Engine provides a single, coherent platform that protects, organizes and manages your information so you can make sense of it, and leverage it for more sales.  All from the comfort of your office …or car …or customer’s desk…or parking lot   Orgo is the information hub of your company, providing access to your information in real time. Updates to Orgo appear instantly. History, future to-do items, leads, and projects are available all the time. It’s your data. You control it. We organize it. Sort by manufacturer, customer or salesperson. Show YTD comparisons. Graph growth. Track progress against goals.

Orgo does everything needed by reps and their manufacturer partners:

Organizes and connects activities, projects, quotes, and files Creates order, value, and time
Imports manufacturer leads, orders, and commission statements Simplifies commission reconciliation and splits
Customizes reports for salespeople, managers, and regional sales managers Communicates between rep firm & factory; factory & salespeople;
and salesperson & customer
Need an understanding of what their people are doing…how their lines are performing…are they selling the right product mix to  their customers…and how to quickly share appropriate information with their manufacturers   Need up-to-date information on quotes, samples, projects, and orders…easy access to customer contact details, files, notes, reminders… simple tools providing great results   Need streamlined information flow between factory and their rep partners…reliable communication about quotes, orders, and urgent situations…accurate split commission details.


“Orgo has been everything and more. Orgo is user friendly, very intuitive and easy to use. Orgo is one complete package of customer contacts, project and quotation management, order to acknowledgement to invoice to commission tracking and reporting, along with factory information too.”

Rob Rademacher - Sun Marketing Agents, Inc.


“Dude…Orgo F’ing rocks!!
I use it every day on every account I call on.”

Sean Girard - Swanson-Girard and Associates

“When making sales calls all pertinent customer information is readily available on the factory version of ORGO. Our sales team now has a tool to help them do their jobs more effectively in order to create a better experience for our customers.”

John McFadden - National Sales Manager
ColdZone, a Division of HTPG/Rheem

“Orgo is very simple to use and a much better experience than our previous system. We’re really glad we made the switch!”

Paul W. Borden, Koehler-Borden & Assoc., Inc.

“It is great to have a partner that not only understands the business, but is willing to continuously and aggressively improve!

Joseph A. Niedzwiecki - Food Equipment Rep Services

"Orgo is great but the support seals the deal!"

Patti Curren - Spurry-Curren and Associates


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